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Introducing the Coal Porters

Liner Notes

Alt-bluegrass band’s fifth CD is the one to find. It’s called ‘Find the One.’

The cleverly-named Coal Porters, formed by the Kentucky native famous for his old band, the Long Ryders, live up to their alt-bluegrass moniker. And their just-out CD is so damned moving and catchy it’s nuts. We have no great modifiers to describe it. Besides featuring guitar-work by great Scotsman Richard Thompson, the quintet—featuring ukes, banjos, fiddles, etc.—simply rock out, and give even more depth and nuance to two of the greatest songs ever recorded: “Paint It, Black” and Bowie’s “Heroes.” We love that gal singer’s voice too: a little bit Alison Krauss, a little bit Belle and Sebastien. Buy it. It’s beautiful—if you love The Shins, the Mekons, or the “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” soundtrack, you’ll get where they’re coming from. They played NPR this past weekend, and moved us to silence. Alas, then came stony old Jonathan Schwartz, blathering on…