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The Boot

Men's Style

Hate co-branding, love these new engineer boots, a tie-in between Frye and Coach.

They’re just…the right stuff, for any real dude, from 16 to 45-years-old and whatever.

Much ballyhoo about the women’s line—with fur-covered shafts and inserts, motorcycle style. We go for the men’s, as we are, you know,  a dude.

Price is reasonable, at $398, and it’s a leaner fit than the regular Frye boot.

We like all the Frye-Coach line, but the ones that we’ll buy are these, in tan, suede preferred, the Frye for Coach Rogan Engineer Boot, as they describe, “inspired by a boot worn on the factory floors of America during the Second World War.

“Hand-hammered heels pay homage to its industrial roots; hand-cut Italian leather updates it with richness and style.” Since 1863. Check out the rest at: