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The In-the-Rough Diamond Rugs


Our favorite new super-group rock band…

Comprised of some of the freakiest-looking-but-super-cool band members, Diamond Rugs are hands on the best cracker-y garage band to come out in some time, all of them hailing from one altie-band or another, including Deer Tick, the Black Lips, Los Lobos, and Dead Confederate.

Check out the television debut earlier this summer on David Letterman, on the link below, and we doubt you’ll disagree. Sloppy-catchy at its finest hour on their self-titled debut, summer-release CD.

…And we covet that guitarist-dude’s red-white-and-blue shirt, man!

On Letterman live:

Here’s the Diamond Rugs website:

And for a full-album stream, go to: