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Caddy Talk

Pop culture

New photo tome on the history of that classic American luxury auto comes in limited edition black rubber slipcase. Vah-vah-vah-voom!

Here’s what publishers Assouline has to say about it:

“In celebration of 110 years of one of the most iconic brands in the world, Assouline presents the first luxury book on America’s foremost luxury car. Cadillac takes readers on a visual journey through all the decades of its history. Here are presidents and Hollywood stars, closed-body cars and concept cars, the classic and the cutting-edge. Cadillac enthusiasts and car collectors alike will delight in an edition that brings to life the powerful and seductive energy of an American legend.”

The conventional hardcover is 208 pages (with 150 illustrations). The limited edition is “limited” to 500 copies with hand-numbered pages and metal Cadillac marquee on the cover.

Our own Mom had a metallic-blue 1973 Eldorado Caddy with leather roof when we were in our teens. When she was out of town, oh, how we snuck it out for pre-driver’s license cruising, pimping that front-wheel-drive ride.