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Hello Mister Sunday


When was the last time you went to a rave that wasn’t flooded with sixteen year olds and excessive bright colors? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, there’s definitely fun to be had with neon lights, glitter and tutu’s, but the musical culture of today has shifted drastically and distancing itself further and further from a universal culture. With all the different subcultures and genres that exist nowadays, it’s a rare occurrence to find a concert or party that caters to every musical desire one may have.

Rare, but not impossible, especially for a party like Mister Sunday. Some of you may be familiar with its big brother, Mister Saturday Night — a house music loft party that takes place on Saturday nights every week. Mister Sunday takes that vibe and culture, but to an outdoor space in Gowanus Grove. Since it is an outdoor party, it only happens in the warmer months, anytime between April or May to October or November.

Approaching the plot of land that Mister Sunday occupies leaves an unsuspecting attendee in a wave of mystery and curiosity. You hear loud music, but you have no idea from where. A sweet smiley security guard gives you a wristband and after you pay $10-$12 (depending on the hour you arrive and whether or not you’ve RSVP’d), an entrance paved with gravel beckons you to what seems like an abandoned backyard to some large architectural structure that could possibly resemble a water tower. Masses of people comprise a collective body of movement that occupies a concrete dance floor, and at the front of the mass, stands a DJ booth with two turntables and a friendly DJ face that dances along to the music.

Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter have been making people dance for years, according to your friend that you arrive with, so you can trust that they know what they’re doing. White fairy lights hang from trees, a disco ball centers itself in the middle of the air above the dance floor. A beautiful Asian woman in green bell-bottoms and a crop top moves every single part of her body to the beat, in an inspiring way. Maybe you’ll try some new dance moves…

Simple and reasonably priced booze provides boost of energy but realistically, one could manage quite well off the energy of everyone else. If you need a break, plenty of chairs and grassy sitting space await alongside the canal. The perfect place to watch a late Summer, early Fall sunset.

The music is a combination of classic house beats and funky soul. As the night progresses, one might hear more of a funky edge, especially as the crowd fills out more and more. Whistles and maracas fill the air as the DJs draw out a beat drop.

There are people who attend with the sole desire of voyeurism. That’s fine, too. New York City crowds can be fun, but let’s be real — it takes a lot to make some people dance. While there isn’t a set formula, Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter seem to know exactly what it is that gets people going, and they never fail to bring it.

The men just celebrated their 100th anniversary party, last month, so you won’t miss your chance to catch them in the future. Here’s to hundreds more!

Check out some of their mixes here, to get a feel for what to expect:

-Ashley Hefnawy