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Manhattan Coffees, Concierge-Approved

Food & Drink

Coffee and New York go hand in hand. It’s easy to find in the Big Apple, but a truly transcendent brew is more elusive. Thankfully, our staff are espresso experts. We asked a concierge from each of our NYC hotels where they go and what they drink so you can get your daily fix.

William Hinds, Smyth Tribeca: cafe latte from Kaffe 1668

Chalin Askew, 6 Columbus: coffee–black, 3 sugars–from Financier (Rockefeller Center)

Kelsey Keating, 60 Thompson: cafe latte from Ground Support

Noah Lemaich, Thompson LES: chai latte from d’espresso

Randy Acevedo, Gild Hall: cafe latte from Financier (35 Cedar)