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Neil Hamburger's 5-Year Anniversary Show


Five years ago, Neil Hamburger began his monthly residency at The Satellite, shuffling onto the stage desperately clutching a tumbler of whiskey in one hand and two more under his arm. His subversive “tributes” to “beloved” pop icons bring tears of laughter to the eyes of the initiated, fire to the eyes of those not in on the joke, and a good measure of shame to all within earshot. But none feel that shame more acutely than Neil Hamburger himself. October 18th marks a half-decade long residency at The Satellite in Silver Lake in which he has hosted comedians such as Margaret Cho, Jack Black, Tim Heidecker, Brody Stevens, Tom Green, and many more. It’s been five years of whiskey-soaked thrift store tuxedos, attacks on celebrity, 5.7k instances of throat clearing, dozens of cases of “zipper lips”, and some of the most unique comedy acts in the country – all at “bargain values”.