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Once Upon a Pole – A Rock 'n' Roll Vertical Dance/Theatre Experience Inspired by Classic Fairytales


It’s like no fairy tale you’ve ever seen. “Once Upon a Pole” – which will have its world premiere Oct. 12-14 – is a rock ‘n’ roll vertical dance experience inspired by classic fairytales woven into a comic commentary on modern relationships. Part cabaret, part musical, part rock concert, “Once Upon a Pole” uses high-flying acrobatic pole dance as a primary story-telling device with singers, dancers, aerialists and actors spinning an enchanting and spellbinding tale. “Once Upon a Pole” features special guest star Timber Brown, 2011 International Pole Athlete Champion who has performed in numerous productions and special events around the world. The woman behind this one-of-its-kind creation is Kelly Maglia, founder and artistic director of Kelly Maglia Vertical Theatre.