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Spirits in the Night

Out There

David Lynch’s limited-edition Dom Perignon bottles hit your premium local liquor stores: Two twin peaks you might want to cache away for a dark-and-stormy night watching ‘Blue Velvet.’ Goes down…smooth…

About the design—and his favorite things–we interviewed the inimitable Mr. Lynch earlier this summer for The Wall Street Journal, out on his turf, in under-cover-of-daylight Los Angeles. They’re pretty gorgeous, mysteriously speckled, and “nifty”!

A note from the publicist says: “Although available in the highly-celebrated vintages, Dom Pérignon 2003 and Dom Pérignon Rose 2000, the suggested retail price has not been increased for this limited edition.”

We don’t know the price, frankly. But if you’re a fan, well, they’re BOTH class acts. The dude’s the cat’s pajamas, as he might say. Folksy but erudite, Montana-meets-Paris. And we’ll always have both.