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The Bundle-Up for the Bleachers


Check out our new favorite cover-all for the topsy-turvy weather we’re having all over the States: the Nicholas K. Mercer Coat (hide it from your gal).

One day it’s freezing, the next it’s balmy and warm. The mosquitoes are confused. Weird fall we’re having, ayuh? We’ve found our shape-shifter coat for this sort of thing. Lined in a shearling, with a retractable shell, light as a feather, rugged but design-minded, we are practically sleeping in this new-arrival autumn-winter Mercer coat (in cobalt) made by ready-to-wear siblings Nicholas and Christopher Kunz (since 2003). Zip and button-front closure, the trim is 80-percent wool, the outer trim 100-percent soft-soft cotton, poly lining. Great hiding hood, trim lines. It’s $686, which isn’t bad at all considering this is going to be my go-to, weather I’m in New Orleans watching the Saints in the dome, or testing my aging bones in a tackle football bout on the East Coast. Read more or purchase at: