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‘What? This Little Thing’?

In the Gallery

Savannah College of Art and Design bows to the ‘Little Black Dress.’ Slip it on your road-trip schedule.

Vogue behemoth Andre Leon Talley can never actually wear one, so we guess the next best thing is curating a show about it.

We’re talking about SCAD’s new exhibition, “Little Black Dress,” which runs through January 27th at the design school—an institution that has an almost Orwellian hold on the progressive and chic Deep South city made famous in “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” SCAD marquees are everywhere, even on movie marquees.

We kind of love that they’re taking cues from that old Nellie queen, New York’s FIT. Here’s a press description and some quotes from the Big Man. And, we might add, that there is NO better time to visit Savannah than the Halloween zone, when the weather is breezy and the place is downright spooky-dooky:

“The SCAD Museum of Art is pleased to present ‘Little Black Dress,’ the premier exhibition of the Fall 2012 season. The exhibition–curated by SCAD trustee and Vogue Contributing Editor André Leon Talley–is sponsored by M•A•C Cosmetics.

“’Little Black Dress’ charts the historic and contemporary significance of a singular sartorial phenomenon. Featuring 80 garments from a canon of modern fashion designers, the exhibition includes contributions from veteran designers and those of the International Best-Dressed List such as Marc Jacobs, Miuccia Prada and Renee Zellwegger.

“The exhibition will be on display through January 27, 2013, in Savannah, at the SCAD Museum of Art with plans to be shown in select cities worldwide in 2013.

“’Little Black Dress’ is designed to showcase the divergent and individual manifestations of the little black dress across this modern century and the last,” said Talley.

“The exhibition highlights the strength of individualism, charting the evolution of the little black dress from its native definition of invariable propriety, to new and distinctly contemporary explorations of texture, tone, and silhouette.”

You go, girlfriend! For more info, check out the website, and here’s a couple pics of the gal that single-handedly made the dress a style icon: one Audrey Hepburn. Hep-hep!