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Who Needs Actual Runway Models…?


Not Bonobos. Who needs a runway, for that matter, when you have a grassy lawn? The NYC-based sportswear line puts their snazzy staff to work—sort of—to showcase its Spring/Summer 2013 preview line. Table tennis (or croquet), anyone?

Last week, Bonobos showed just how to have a fashion show, by taking over the lovely Jefferson Market Gardens and throwing an afternoon shindig with bagged lunches supplied by the ridiculously hot neighboring Rosemary restaurant, along with beer chasers, on the upper West Village side, ping-pong and croquet. The new wares were tossed about here and there on clotheslines and the like.

Fun stuff. The new pastel-hued cotton shirts appear as if they were washed and dyed in the ocean. As they should be. The seersucker is positively yar. And we love the gingham shirts, to boot. It all fits like a charm, as evident from these photos snapped by Guest of a Guest. For more, go to the link.

Autumn never felt easy-breezier—neither did a fashion show. We also loved that yellow slicker worn by one of their novelist-staff members. Oh, and is that the CEO of the company, Andy Dunn, holding a Room 100 magazine? Natch.

Check out the full image gallery here: