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The Museum of Natural History’s Theodore Roosevelt Memorial wing re-opens, and it’s time to return to your childhood (with figurative bow and arrow).

Every year as grade schoolers, we went there at least once, either with our parents or on a school trip, always returning with a rabbit’s foot key chain from its wonderful gift shop. Now we’re ready to return.

After a multi-million-dollar renovation, the Hall of North American Mammals—dedicated to that big-game hunter and conservationist Teddy Roosevelt—is back open, as of last week, and better than ever. All those gorgeous hand-painted mural backdrops and dusty taxidermy-roaming dioramas are cleaned up and more lucid, gorgeous and even scarier than they likely ever have been. Bring on the buffalos, wolves and moose!

Here’s a slideshow, courtesy of The New York Times. By all means, adults and kids, get there! It’s well worth the waits. It’s New York’s greatest sight-seeing gift in a city of many.