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‘Rye’ Style


Don’t be a ‘phony.” Raise high the roof-beams with singular looks inspired by J.D. Salinger’s most famous of characters.

Hardly a clothes hound himself–academic prep he was–J.D. Salinger, in real life and in fiction, railed a great deal about the “phonies” in their gray flannel suits, “all those Ivy League-looking bastards” and “Joe Yale-looking guys.”

But in truth, his novels and short stories are loaded with references to signature looks and brands, from Burberry coats to Norfolk jackets. Consider Holden Caulfield’s iconic red-hunting hat…and Franny Glass’s “sheared raccoon coat” in “Franny and Zooey.”

Wes Anderson, for one, took notice: see Gwynnie Paltrow’s “Margot” in her fur (pictured), played to great quirk-factor effect in his “Royal Tenenbaums.”

Since we’ll never see a film version of either books, we’ve included some of the book jackets to take some cues from. For dudes, the best route is to go Filson has both the perfect car coat, and the perfect people-pointing hat, flaps, natch (see image).

Seriously, though, how cool are these book jackets?