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Behind The Scenes | Hollywood Roosevelt

Out There

Perpetually adorned by the some of the most beautiful sunbathing bodies in Hollywood, the Hollywood Roosevelt’s pool, Tropicana, is literally a work of art. Boasting a floor painted by pop artist David Hockney, it plays host to parties year-round, entertaining Hollywood’s glitterati as well as its rising stars. To get the full story we went behind the scenes with Somer Perez, Director of Bar Operations–the maestro charged with orchestrating these A-list blowouts.

What do you do? How do you make the magic happen?

Essentially I run all bar operations for Tropicana, Library Bar, Public Kitchen & Bar, 25 Degrees and Teddy’s. I handle staffing, events, DJ bookings, cocktails, and a million other things. There is never a dull moment here!

What experience do you strive to give guests of the Hollywood Roosevelt?

I want guests to feel that [they] really don’t need to leave the hotel. It’s all right here, mini-Vegas style. You have a fabulous poolside lounge, a high-end custom cocktail bar, a fabulous restaurant with farm-to-table cocktails, and a burger bar with a great wine program. If you want to see a vaudeville-style show or play Jenga and bowl, we even have that too!

What have been your favorite poolside musical acts so far?

We’ve had some amazing DJs, including Thom Yorke of Radiohead, Daft Punk and Elijah Wood—but I was really excited about ?uestlove; it doesn’t get much better than that if you spent the 90s listening to The Roots like I did.

Which feature of the Roosevelt is its best-kept secret?

Our ping-pong table in the North Garden. One of my managers, Johnny, is freakishly skilled and cannot be beat. I try at least once a week.

You’ve got a free afternoon at the Roosevelt—how are you spending it? Poolside, for sure, drinking tequila, listening to great music, taking it all in.

Lightning Round!

Favorite cocktail:

I’m a tequila shot and beer kind of girl. That’s my jam.

Favorite movie:

Clueless holds a special place in my inner-90s-child heart. Who can resist Paul Rudd?

Best spot to sunbathe:

In the arms of a gorgeous guy would be my preference… but really, the west end of the pool near the DJ seems to catch the most consistent rays.