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Holiday NYC Round-Up 2012


Let’s be real, the holidays are an exciting time for many reasons, but the spirit of gift giving truly lends itself to the cheer of this time of year. In New York City, that means a holiday street fair is just around the corner at any given moment. But there are so many, and too many choices can be overwhelming, so here are a few that are definitely worth your time. We’re going to assume you already know about the big ones like the Grand Central Holiday Fair & Holiday Shops at Bryant Park. Lucky for you, there’s much more to explore.

The Union Square Holiday Market should be one of the first stops on your adventure. Year after year, vendors who set up shop at this market exceed expectations with a vast array of gifts and treats. Whether it’s a very specific type of chocolate-y food that you’re craving, or a last minute gift with unique elegance, you’re sure to find something special for you or a loved one.

You may already be familiar with Artists and Fleas which takes place in Williamsburg, which means you might also know that it happens at Chelsea Market, too. The best part of this flea market is how eclectic it is. Independent makers and artists of jewelry, design, art, clothing and all other things hip/vintage transport their creativity to Chelsea for a few weeks, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Some other fairs and festivals worth mentioning include the Brooklyn Craft Central Holiday Market, which takes place at the Littlefield Art Space in Brooklyn for two weekends in the middle of December. There’s also the Brooklyn Night Bazaar, which brings people together for excellent food, music, vendors drinks and more! Special guests include Men (feat. JD Samson of Le Tigre), Black Dice, Silent Drape Runners, Fatima Al Qadiri, and more surprises.

Grab a friend, a loved one, animal, or just a jacket, and get yourself over to any of these before the month ends!

-Ashley Hefnawy