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Tick-Tocking Toward New Year’s


In the nick of time, MoMA’s is showing ‘The Clock’ video installation.

If you think you have let the days just wile away, Christian Marclay’s video installation, “The Clock”–winner of last year’s Golden Lion award at the Venice Biennale, will only make you reel with embarrassment.

The installation, which runs from December 21-January 21, puts to use countless film excerpts from picture-show action like car chases, bank robberies, high-noon shootouts, and the like to speed-demon one 24-hour period.

Here’s the fun part, according to The Times: “The museum plans to keep its contemporary galleries open round-the-clock on three weekends in January to show “The Clock” in its entirety.” Just like “Night at the Museum!”

For more on this pretty cool video, visit:

Museum of Modern Art, 11 West 53rd Street, New York, NY