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Behind The Scenes: William Hinds – Smyth TriBeCa

Out There

Name: William Hinds

Role: Chief Concierge

The first rule of real estate is “location, location, location,” and while choosing a hotel is a bit less complicated than buying a home, the same holds true. When you’re visiting a place as big and beautiful as New York City, you want to stay where the action is. We went behind the scenes with Smyth’s Chief Concierge William Hinds to find out that TriBeCa isn’t just Bobby De Niro’s nabe–it’s one of the most desirable and exclusive neighborhoods in the city.

What do you do as Smyth TriBeCa’s Chief Concierge?

My goal is to make sure our guests get the most out of their visit. If it isn’t illegal or unethical, it’s my job to make it happen. I always think of myself as not only an ambassador of the hotel but of New York itself. I love this city and work hard to ensure guests leave feeling the same way.

What can you find in TriBeCa that you won’t find in any other NYC neighborhood?

Actual New Yorkers live here. Sure, those actual New Yorkers may be celebrities or some of the most affluent people around, but it means our guests are able to get a feel for what it’s like to actually live here by staying with us. From its beautiful old buildings, to the seven Michelin–starred restaurants within a five-minute walk of the hotel, TriBeCa is a perfectly unexpected mix of calm and hip. That’s a big surprise to many people.

What are the must–see historic sites and buildings?

There is a great little alley called Staple Street just a few blocks from the hotel that I always encourage guests to visit; it’s perfect for taking Instagram photos with a gritty “old New York” feel. Being so close to the city’s birthplace, all of the truly historic sites–the Woolworth Building, Wall Street, and the 9/11 Memorial–are just a short walk away.

What about art and culture?

TriBeCa has some of the city’s best art galleries, including Ethan Cohen Fine Arts and Philip Williams. Plus well-within walking distance are Poet’s House, the South Street Seaport Museum and the Museum of Jewish Heritage–all of which have great cultural programming and collections.

Which TriBeCa nightlife spots would you recommend?

I love to send guests to the bar underneath Super Linda. Owned by a few of those responsible for hit nightspots La Esquina and The Beatrice Inn, it always draws a super-fashionable crowd. Another favorite isSilver Lining, a speakeasy style cocktail lounge with live jazz every night.

Lightning Round!

Best view in the neighborhood? Hudson River Park

Best cocktail? The “Baby Eveline” at Ward III

Best shopping? The J. Crew Ludlow Shop and Liquor Store (for men), A Uno (for women)