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Work It, Girl!


New York’s a go-go! London’s calling! Here comes those double-whammy Fashion Weeks 2013…and oh no, Galliano!

Write these dates down, then make friends with the people who don’t go out ‘til midnight: New York Fashion Week is February 7th-14th; then comes London Fashion Week, beginning February 15th through 19th.

We’ll keep you abreast of what designers are shining under the Big Tops this year on the next blog run.

Meantime, didja’ hear? Disgraced drug-addled, Nazi-sympathizing designer John Galliano has crept out from under his rock (of you know what), and is getting his second close-up, working for Oscar de la Renta’s NYC studio. And Anna Wintour’s telling everyone to take it easy on the dude: he’s….reformed! Perhaps. Let’s see what is the what. And don’t we all deserve one, we suppose?