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A Reason Not to Get All Choked-Up


‘The Boudoir Bible’ guides you through the ‘Genital Gym’ and other bedtime activities, post V-Day and onward.

Rizzoli enters the steamy world of Taschen with its new illustrated sex-guide book, The Boudoir Bible, by Betony Vernon, illustrated by François Berthoud, and handsomely (however graphically) designed by Richard Pandiscio. Oh, it’s a keeper. Here’s how Rizzoli describes the tome, now available, for $35, from Rizzoli and Amazon:

“Going beyond the “lovemaking” of older guides, this witty and uninhibited tome expands the sexual act to encompass “verboten” topics, with chapters entitled “The Genital Gym,” “Nipple Tease,” “Male Ejaculation Control,” and “The Anthems of Anal Sex.” The Boudoir Bible provides a fresh view of sexuality in the twenty-first century. Well-researched, [it is] written from a joyful, sex-positive point of view.

“Although it also covers the basics, The Boudoir Bible fills those niches missing from other sex guides nicely, with full, elaborated chapters on rope bondage, restraints of sound and sight, erotic flagellation, and the stimulation of new erogenous zones, among innumerable other offerings.