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‘Pass Go’ for the New Kitty Token


By popular vote, Monopoly debuts new feline game token that will rival that feisty Scottish terrier.

We always fought for the racing car token when playing Monopoly as kids. Sister Lynn wanted the horse. Middle sister Lisa, oddly, the thimble (quiet type, she). Older brother Mark, the Scotty. And so it went, on those long rainy afternoons, the four of us kids vying for Atlantic City properties we didn’t even know were actual street addresses.

Maybe we’re old sentimentalists, but hearing about the new metal cat token–replacing the twee-little iron–got us excited to own a Monopoly board again. The new versions, complete with the cat and sans the iron, will be released later this summer. And Target will be debuting its exclusive limited-edition “Golden Token” of the game this month. We hear there may be a new robot piece in the mix, too, which we are ALL for.