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The Grub Grid: Ringing in Bel 50


Like Razzles, you don’t know what it is! Is it a Brussels waffle or baked bread? Or…both? The latest in artisan sandwiches hits the Windy City.

Fun fact: Belgian waffles had their American debut at the Century 21 Exposition in Seattle, Washington, in 1962. Now there’s a new waffle-ette in town, kids. They’re big debut as the thing that holds the guts inside the latest artisan sandwich is at a place called Bel 50, in Chi-Town, and it’s already quite the bee’s knees there. Stuff your folded-over waffle-bread with mushrooms, prosciutto, short ribs, or with dessert-y sweets. The menus divied up between the “savory” and the “sweet.” And other stuffs.

Hell, if you like chicken and waffles–big in the Deep South and East Los Angeles to boot–why not one of these cosmestible confections? Here’s the website:

Here’s a video of the kitchen action: