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The Thompson Eye: An Evening At Above 6

Winter weather is no excuse to sit inside and twiddle your thumbs. We’re all craving summer, complete with cocktails and epic rooftop views, and it’s time to do something about it. We’re heading up to 6 Columbus for a touch of summer in the dead of winter. Won’t you join us?

Above 6 at Thompson Hotels in New York City.

6 Columbus‘ intimate hideaway, Above 6 is just as fun (and toasty) in the winter. And how about that view?

View from Above 6 at Thompson Hotels Columbus Circle

You can’t skip the Hummingbird, it’s our signature: St. Germain, Cava, and Yamamoto cherry.

Hummingbird cocktail at Above 6 a Thompson Hotel

Round two? Try the Campari Shakarato, with Campari, Fresh lime juice and Seltzer.

specialty campari cocktail at Above 6 at 6 Columbus a Thompson Hotel

And if you’re hungry: Blue Ribbon Sushi and Grill has you covered. Head downstairs for the whole nine, or linger at Above 6 for the bar menu, complete with our famous gourmet fried chicken wings. Don’t mind if we do…

Fried Chicken wings from Blue Ribbon Sushi at 6 Columbus Hotel

mixed sushi platter from Blue Ribbon Sushi at 6 Columbus a Thompson Hotel

Get dressed and get here — we’ll be waiting.