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‘Turn to the Left!’


Kudos to for an apt homage to David Bowie on the eve of his next CD’s release–the first in a decade–and in the middle of a Fashion Week that always makes you wish he was still leading the ‘goon squad and comin’ to town.’ Beep-beep!

Visit to see the full slideshow. And here’s what Fiorella Valdesolo wrote about style icon David Bowie on the current blog:

“There is no bigger chameleon of music or style than David Bowie. Over the course of an extraordinary forty-plus-year career, the man previously named David Robert Jones has embraced a motley crew of musical genres (glam rock, dance, folk, soul, mainstream pop, new wave) and a kaleidoscopic array of clothes, cosmetics, and hairstyles to go with them. His propensity for plucking from the past while simultaneously leading the charge toward the future is what’s kept him as relevant today as he was when he first slipped into that outrageous one-arm, one-leg cosmic jumpsuit—Kabuki spackle face paint to boot.

Just look at the string of recent Bowie tributes on the runway: an army of Thin White Dukes with slicked-back, dyed-red hair walked Dries Van Noten’s men’s runway for Fall 2011, and Jean Paul Gaultier sent—count ’em—seven Bowie impersonators down his Spring 2013 catwalk in October. So enduring is Bowie’s influence, in fact, that London’s V&A Museum is dedicating an upcoming exhibition exclusively to him. “David Bowie is” opens March 23rd, just after the Fall collection’s wrap. Add to this a new album, The Next Day—his first LP in ten years, set for release next month—and it seems likely that a bout of Bowie fever is about to descend upon the runways yet again. In the words of British radio personality Kenny Everett, “Here is the second-greatest thing, next to God…David Bowie!”

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes? Where?