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Wasted Away, Again, in Manhattan


Tommy Bahamas’ new Marlin Bar is aging its own rum drinks!

…And not just regular ole rum, but rum cocktail concoctions are held within that row of oak barrels behind the Marlin Bar up there on Fifth Avenue at the sunny-airy-woody month-or-so-old Tommy Bahama Bar & Restaurant, a subtly-chic, two-leveled affair that we found rather…transporting!

On one recent chilly evening around happy hour, we threw care (and a degree of reputation) to the freezing winds and joined the “suits” and midtown hotties for some tropical-inspired libations (and exceptionally fresh seafood, land-lubbers). We even welcomed the dude playing Jimmy Buffett songs on an acoustic guitar (why not!). Take note: On this rather “feh” stretch of middle-upscale Fifth Avenue–a few blocks from the lions fronting the big library–there is hospice, warm and balmy. And a really chill staff.

And if you’re the type to turn your nose up to going to a restaurant or bar owned by the makers of oft-over-sized tropical-lifestyle wear, then you’re a bigger nerd than Jimmy Buffett himself (BIG nerd, great businessman). Great place with a lot of love put into its interior design, and we need more of them. Do NOT pass go at the pineapple crème brulee!; 551 Fifth Avenue (and 45th St.); happy hour’s from 4-6 p.m. daily at the bar.