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Video of the Week

Out There

The racy ‘Maitresse’ shows how S&M’s done (Frenchie-style).

One that fell through the, uh, cracks, the great Barbet Schroeder (“Barfly,” “Reversal of Fortune”) directed this little gem in 1975, now available on Blue-Ray, and few but the French saw it. But it’s not just a chance to follow the play-by-play of a dominatrix trying to support her son, but it’s also a chance to see Parisian burglar Gerard Depardieu skinny. The old guy, crazier by the minute these days, falls for her, she for him, but there’s a lot of “grey” areas, as it were. Fun watch, sexy-bizarre too.

Karl Lagerfeld costumed the leather catsuits our struggling gal (the wonderfully named Bulle Ogier) dons in her role-play sessions with businessmen and assorted freaks–reason enough to view. You know: Research!