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Deceptive Benz

Out There

A new California company is taking vintage Mercedes models and making them good-as-gold again.

Two heritage-leaning dudes in Glendale, California, have a thing for restoring old (and old-ish) diesel Mercedes, restoring them to their original luster. Since we for one had a first love in a 1985 Mercedes Metzger station wagon that carried us through snowstorms in the Catskills to windstorms in Topanga Canyon–of which we nicknamed “Goldie” for its color and performance–we rather love this dynamic duo, comprised of owners J.G. Francis and Sean Johnstun. Subtlety thine was the boxy old Benzes of yore that kept going like the Energizer Bunny and never lost their good looks. If you have a diamond in the rough, say a 1979 300 SD, then what is a better reason to take a road trip to Mercedes Motoring.