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Faux-Speakeasies Finally Lightening Up?


Yes, you can finally order a vodka soda without being 86’d by some mustachioed barkeep at a mixology bar.

So says Robert Simonson in The New York Times last week, in an article titled “A Good Drink, Hold the Pretense,” on April 10th, 2013.

Of all places to hear it, nice to know that we can all start ordering what we actually want to drink and not having to sit there and listen to a bartender give us a lesson in ye olde school cocktails. Several of the esteemed bartenders even acknowledge that it’s harder to make a drink perfect with LESS ingredients (and those pesky “foams”). Here, here!

But, from what we’re hearing here, it doesn’t mean that the rather welcome trappings of it all are going away. And anyway, how can any of these bartenders make money making Ramos Gin Fizzes–which take about 15 minutes a pop to concoct? So everybody wins.

A few of the new that are mentioned include:

Prizefighter, in the San Francisco area.

Mother’s Ruin, in Manhattan’s NoLiTa

Evelyn, in the East Village, NYC

Silver Dollar, in Louisville, Ky.

Scofflaw, in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago