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Reads of the Week


Spring’s page-turners range from the real king of pop to the real king of the tennis courts, with some dinosaurs and sizzling meat in-between. 

1. “Anyone Who Had a Heart” (Harper), by Burt Bacharach with Robert Greenfield. The memoir of the pop-tune-genius, “Martini & Rossi-on the rocks man.” Say yes.

2. “The Outsider” (Harper), by Jimmy Connors. What a punk, but we loved his shorty-shorts. And we loathe John McEnroe.

3. “The Grilling Book: The Definitive Guide” (Andrews McMeel), by Adam Rapoport. We love grilling, black and blue.

4. “My Beloved Brotosaurus” (Scientific American), by Brian Switek. Because dinosaurs were birds, and you gotta’ believe it.

5. “The Village” (Ecco), by John Strausbaugh. Café Wha? Greenwich Village, long before Bob Dylan.