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'The Great Gatsby’ Opens Cannes

Out There

We’re getting behind it, despite the comments of the careless critics.

What do they know? The Robert Redford-starring adaptation in 1974 was NOT all that, and it featured a utterly bonkers Mia Farrow in the Daisy role. Fun fact: there were two other versions before it, neither of which are easy to find, people.

We’re putting our money on Carey Mulligan showing how it is done. Leo will be fine, just fine. And we’re not even remotely put off by the rap-and-pop soundtrack. Baz Luhrmann rocks, and we hear he’s even going to be bringing a lot of Queens into the glitzy mix!

It hits theaters May 10th, with Cannes to follow, May 15th (the fest til the 26th). More on that later.