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C’mon in, the Water’s Fine!


Just in time for trashy summer ogling, ‘In the Spirit of the Hamptons,’ through the view of a ‘housewife.’

Go ahead, and mock us for suggesting this, but we really don’t mind its author, Kelly Bensimon, of “Housewives of New York City” infamy. She wears Pucci catsuits, for god’s sake!

And who better to provide us some inspirational summer snobbery than she when touring us through its rarefied–not really–confines. There’s some great pictures to take you back to the shore, clam bakes, and lifeguard stands, and interviews with East Enders like Donna Karan and the like.

It’s out from Assouline now, 160 sand-swept pages, with a foreword by Pamela Fiori. Buy it here.