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James Franco IS Janet Leigh!


The actor-director-poet-author-student-pilot adds ‘artist’ to his roster with new Pace London show. 

“Pyscho Nacirema,” an exibition of multi-media installations by the shape-shifting James Franco, includes some recreations of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” and features the actor himself in the Janet Leigh role.

The show, which opens June 6th and runs through August 3rd, has something to do with pop culture, and “Hitch.” Under the direction of artist Douglas Gordon, Franco slowed the horror classic down so that it takes up 24 hours to view, with “his-truly” in the female role. There are also some Scrabble-like artworks and various other relating stuff. We don’t get it, but we love that nobody’s putting James Franco in a corner.

Meanwhile, he plays himself in “This is the End,” an apocalyptic comedy starring other comedic actors playing essentially themselves (Jona Hill, Craig Robinson, director Seth Rogen), holed up in a Hollywood Hills manse as mayhem ensues around them. Fun fact: The film, opening June 12th, was actually shot in the New Orleans area. Oh, Emma Watson wields an axe.

For more info on the Pace London show, visit here.