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Release of the Week


Steve Martin teams with Edie Brickell for haunting banjo-fiddle outing, ‘Love Has Come for You.’

Wild-and-crazy-guy Steve Martin ramps up his game yet again on this new CD, which feels both modern and mountain. Former “New Bohemian” Edie Brickell’s lilting and twangy vocals are shockingly spot-on for this kind of music, and her lyrics to Martin’s banjo-driven compositions feel home-grown, mature, right. We love the title song, as well as one called “Siamese Cat.” The duo feel as compatible as Robert Plant and Alison Krauss did on their Grammy-recognized team-ups.

Great stuff for a cicada-chirping road trip or a quiet night on the front porch drinking Lynchburg Lemonades. The record drops this week.