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Top 5: 1920s Hollywood Glamour


Baz Luhrmann’s 3D extravaganza’d Great Gatsby premiered this month and has left us with more than a bit of nostalgia for days gone by. In honor of Hollywood Roosevelt being named one of the top ten Gatsby-esque hotels we’ve rounded up five solid 1920’s era trends we would like to see make a comeback.

Hollywood glamour from The Great Gatsby era

Clockwise from top left:

  1. A statement mole: This one is for the fearless ladies, a simple dab of waterproof pencil should do the trick and will really up your intrigue factor. Feeling cheeky? Move it around day to day and take bets on who dares call your bluff first!
  2. The pencil mustache: can we all agree the hipster handlebars have had their day and get back into something a little more chic and subtle? This one’s a long shot, but hey, Ramon Navaro makes it look so casually devil-may-care we can’t resist…
  3. Rhinestones: None of that tacky Dance Mom’s bedazzling, and definitely no vajazzling. Just a sensibly adorned feathered skull cap in to top off your evening attire.
  4. The gentlemen’s cape: Hollywood Roosevelt’s own doorman circa 1929 looks very dapper and welcoming in his sophisticated wool number. Who would like to see this reinstated?
  5. Real showgirls: Forget that Elizabeth Berkley cult classic, we want to see a return of the vintage femme fatale who could make a shooting star headpiece and a calculated sashay turn every head in the room.