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Cancer’s Vixens!


The month of July is stacked with notable bathing-suit babes born under the sunblock-challenged astrological sign. 

Here, a photo gallery of our favorite ladies who were born under the sign of Cancer (June 22nd-July 22nd). And note that Pamela Anderson, Princess Diana, and Liv Tyler were all born on July 1st. Disclaimer: We know we are playing to a cheap news peg here, and don’t care. It’s summer, already!

Elsewhere, we have Lindsay Lohan, born on July 2nd; Courtney Love, born on July 9th; Jessica Simpson, born on July 10th; Brigitte Nielsen, born on July 15th, and the lovely Gisele Bundchen (shot here by David Lachappelle from an vintage George magazine cover), born on July 20th…but dressed here as if she were born on the Fourth of July (and that’s you too, Jessica).

Happy Independence Day, soon enough. Put on your shades, boys and girls.