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Gentlemanly Summer Style

Style Counsel

From JFK to (vintage) Jimmy Buffett, some breezy-classic looks, courtesy of some of our fave style icons, to take cues from when putting yourself not-so-effortlessly together during the hottest of months.

We’re talking about Ernest and Errol, who never seemed to dress en-costume. And there’s the wild cards of Jimmy Buffett, so groovy-casual in the 1970s, as well as Peter Fonda, in “92 in the Shade” mode, circa late ‘60s Then there’s those two men of wealth and taste, JFK and Jagger–both of whom often looked better off-camera than on (or in the Oval Office).

All of these creative fellows knew the power of subtle essentials, and right now, with menswear having a wonderfully wearable run, there’s no reason you can’t abide their simple rules of style. Stay cool by looking it.