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Karen O Versus King Kong–So On!


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs shoot music video atop the Empire State Building. Yeah, man. 

The height of cool, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs just shot a video for their new single “Despair” above the 102-story, 443-meter Empire State Building.

“There’s been a lot of career highs and lows over the years of being in a band, but in the end, how many can say they shot a video on the top of the Empire State Building?” she sniffed. “We win. Move out the way, King Kong.”

“Despair” is the second single off the NYC-based trio’s album Mosquito (Interscope).

”The Empire State Building’s iconographic presence is not limited to any date or age.  We are happy to offer our magical canvas, the real magic of the real New York City,  to this video,” says Anthony E. Malkin of Malkin Holdings.