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Oh, Betty!


Boop dupes and double trouble from twin directors Jen and Sylvia Soska.

The must-see horror film of the summer, “American Mary” is an indie film from the Vancouver-based Goth team known as the Soska Sisters. But if there’s only one reason to see this sophisticated abomination it’s to transfix upon the character that is surgically augmented to look like the cartoon character Betty Boop. She even has her vocal cords shaved to sound like she’s breathing helium. It’s repulsively fascinating (see photos).

The title character is played by Mary Mason (Katharine Isabelle), a med student who needs to make some serious bread to get through her amputation surgery classes. Of course! So she takes a job at a men’s club that secretly houses a basement where body-modifications take place. Mary gets an education no med school could ever provide. Soon, freaks from the so-called body-mod community start lining up for her expertise with the scalpel. Naturally, things go unnaturally amiss, and the revenge is sickly sweet.

Check out your movie listings. Prepare to watch through your fingers.