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Colonel Sanders, Watch Your Back!

eating around

Blue Ribbon enters the fried chicken stand fracas.

One of the most highly anticipated foodie events is happening in the East Village this summer: the opening of Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken. The farm-to-table franchise has long been recognized for its wasabi-fried chicken entrée, served at Blue Ribbon Bakery, as well as at the Thompson LES’s new garden eatery and other locations around the country.

Its popularity has proven strong enough for BR’s Bromberg brothers–Eric and Bruce–to just say yes to a stand-alone fried chicken restaurant and take-out operation at 28 E. First Street. The sign has gone up. And the crowds are readying (and have been since 2008). We too will be there, as we must figure that it will have to be a more modest price, to boot. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Blue Ribbon’s awaiting news as to whether they’ll be able to serve wine and beer with their honey-sided fare.