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We’re betting on ‘The Canyons’ to prove the critics wrong.

Finally, on August 2nd, in select theaters, filmgoers will be able to see if writer Bret Easton Ellis, director Paul Schrader, and magnificent disaster Lindsay Lohan make for a compelling threesome, with the release of “The Canyons,” which has been booed and turned down by film festivals everywhere.

We don’t care. We love all three of them, and have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of darkness under the hazy L.A. daylight. And expect it to be very, very insider-Hollywood (unlike that Sofia Coppola indulgence called “Somewhere,” which went nowhere but the Chateau Marmont pool; mind you, not a bad place to nurse a hangover, ever).

Here’s the advance movie posters, and an image of La Liz, looking pretty darned good actually!