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Top 5: Things to do in NYC South of the Brooklyn Bridge this Summer

Out There

In order to stealthily avoid the crush of the neon-lit, thronged tourist masses in Times Square this summer, head downtown. We’re talking WAY down, as in, play a little game of “just the tip” with Manhattan – south of the Brooklyn Bridge, where the streets turn into winding cobbled lanes and getting a little lost is part of the fun.

Explore Manhattan south of the Brooklyn Bridge with these great places

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Shoot a game of pool and throw back a few cocktails with a view: Beekman Beer Garden
  2. Don’t miss arts, culture, and live performances at various downtown locations until July 15th: River to River Festival
  3. Stroll the Brooklyn Bridge with an end game. Mondays at the Granite Prospect steps features literary readings and book signings: Brooklyn Bridge Park
  4. Hop a weekend ferry offering highly ‘Gram-able and Vine-able views of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. Be sure to check out the calendar of bike rides, music events, and vintage baseball: Governors Island
  5. Cruise the night time crowd, where you just might snag a suited summer fling at this Financial District hideaway: Brookfield Place