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Undercover of Daylight: Dexter’s Miami


Why the tropical-set Showtime series really matters.

As the final season of “Dexter” builds to a climax, everyone’s favorite serial killer continues to make us pine for a Cuban sandwich, a boat ride in the Intracoastal Waterway and a strong shot of coffee.

“CSI: Miami” made us laugh out loud, predicting just when David Caruso would lower his shades for effect, twinkling his Irish eyes despite being named “Horatio.” (What WAS that about, anyway?”)

Now “Dexter”…well, you can always count on the show being shot in locations that are spectacularly indigenous to the real Miami. Tune in, people, if you haven’t already. Things are getting weird, particularly with that crazy hood-eyed Charlotte Rampling playing everyone for puppets. We’re hoping for an alligator situation before the final episode unfolds.