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Behind the Music at Hollywood Roosevelt with Thompson Tastemaker DJ Jack Tompkins


A sunny day at the Hollywood Roosevelt isn’t complete without a little music to spicen up the debauchery – cue Jack Tompkins. If you frequented Tropicana this summer you definitely rocked out poolside to DJ JustJack. Having moved from the Midwest to California nine years ago, he’s made a name for himself in the Los Angeles spinning scene with his eclectic sets and feel good vibe.

Want to know more? We recently sat down with Jack to get the scoop on the man behind the music. Listen up:

Tell us a little backstory on how you got started with spinning:

“There was always music in my house growing up, from my dad playing guitar to my mom listening to her favorite disco and motown records. When I moved to LA I got a job programming lighting in nightclubs where I worked right beside the DJ. I loved the way they worked the party and that’s when I knew I found my entrance to the music business. I bought all my equipment and sat in my room for two years practicing for countless hours until my first opportunity arose.”

Who do you draw your musical influence from?

“Without a doubt my DJ friends are my biggest influences. DJs Stonerokk, Excel, Graham Funke, Impulse, Goldfingers, Rick Rude, and Sean G have all contributed to my style.”


When you’re not playing music, where are you favorite places to hang in LA?

“If the weather is nice there’s no other place to be than Tropicana at the Hollywood Roosevelt. Other favorites are The Dime on Fairfax, Bludso’s on La Brea and The Spare Room.”

Speaking of Tropicana, what are some of your favorite moments from spinning here this summer?

“There were so many great moments at the pool this summer. I just enjoy when you know people are having fun, jumping in the pool, feeling like they are kids again – even the random celebrities.”

Describe the vibe at the Hollywood Roosevelt in three words:

“Timeless, Energetic, Chic.”


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