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English Country Garden Getaway

Out There

Take the Tube to Petersham Nurseries for a quick fix of the countryside

Sometimes a packed itinerary soaking up all the urbane pleasures of London calls for a quick escape to get some fresh air. You don’t have to travel far to get the quintessential English countryside experience—the tranquil and charming Petersham Nurseries is just a Tube ride away from central London.

Nestled against the charming backdrop of St. Peter’s church and the Thames river, the garden at Petersham House invites visitors to stroll through the abundant rows of blossoms bringing to life the wares for sale in the adjacent garden shop.

The garden is meant to be eaten as well, and visitors may either lunch on edible flowers and herbs in seasonally inspired dishes in the glassed-in garden cafe, or enjoy traditional English whole leaf tea, coffee, organic lagers, wine and elderflower cordial served alongside fresh salads and a daily quiche in the Teahouse.

With Autumn comes the harvest, and the nursery’s events calendar is packed with workshops and dining experiences. Embark on one of their monthly Wild Food Walks with in-house horticulturist Claudio Bincoletto to try your hand at foraging for mushrooms. After about an hour of exploring, the group takes its bounty back to the cafe for brunch and a cooking demonstration by Bincoletto. Starting at the end of October Petersham Cellar will host private wine lunches, leaving guests feeling footloose and fancy-free on their quick return to the bustling city.