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Must Reads: Claire de Rouen Books


Get lost among vintage and rare books, magazines and art in Soho.

Tucked away up a staircase in a small, L-shaped space in the Soho neighborhood of London is Claire de Rouen Books, where junkies of photography, design, fashion, magazines, or simply the wonder of beautiful books will lose themselves among the expertly edited shelves.

De Rouen opened her shop in 2005 after a long and illustrious career as a photography gallerist, building a singular collection of contemporary photo books, out-of-print and rare editions, fashion monographs and look books, self-published ‘zines and a fine selection of obscure, international magazines.

There’s an impeccable method to the madness of the stuffed rows and themed displays under the direction of director Lucy Moore, who took over the shop with the help of her friend Lily Cole when de Rouen passed away in 2012. In addition to frequent book launches and signings by industry luminaries—most recently, Juergen Teller came by to host his—the shop hosts Chance Claire, for which artists curate a list of works significant to them to be displayed in a special case at the head of the shop.

It’s a must-visit for an afternoon diving in to discover a trove of books, magazines and artwork, and you’re likely to emerge with your hands full and your spirit inspired.