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Things to Look Forward to, Even if the Sun Sets at 3:30pm


Some say that the population of Chicago doubles, triples, quadruples, etc. in the summer. But the reality is, people just start leaving their homes again. Chicagoans tend to squirrel away, hibernate, forget to shower and watch way too much Netflix from basically January to May…or maybe that’s just me. For those of you that suffer from seasonal depression, also known as the GMTFOOH syndrome (aka. Get Me The F$@#-Out-Of-Here), I’ve put together this list that I’ll call,Things To Look Forward To, Even If The Sun Sets At 3:30pm.

– Alexis Nido-Russo @localeclectic #handmadenothomemade

Christkindlemarket Chicago

November 26th through December 24th, located on Daley Plaza

A traditional German American holiday market. I go every year primarily for the warm wine served in boots and a cinnamon and sugar crepe (or two) but you’ll find plenty of glass ornaments, tchotchkes carved from wood and enough holiday cheer to last all year.

Ghost Nature curated by Caroline Picard

Opening Reception, Friday, January 17th, 5-8pm (open through March 1st, 2014)

This exhibition at Gallery 400 includes a handful of my favorite Chicago artists: Jenny Kendler, Carrie Gundersdorf, and Robert Burnier just to name a few. In total, Ghost Nature includes more than 20 artists and is “based around the strangeness of the natural world…. Working in sculpture, photography, drawing, and video, artists in Ghost Nature investigate the borders and bounds between human and nonhuman experience.”

William J. O’Brien

January 25-May 18, 2014

Museum of Contemporary Art,

This is William J. O’Brien’s first major survey exhibition and it’s curated by the always fabulous Naomi Beckwith. O’Brien is known primarily for his ceramic work although I personally love his works on paper. They are bursting with color and life and are exactly what I crave on a cold winters day.

Coming in Spring to the Damen Blue line stop

Keep your eyes peeled this spring for work by Jenny Kendler at the Damen Blue Line train station. As part of a collaboration between Johalla Projects and the CTA, your commute will be injected with a little bit of amazing.