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Think First, Shoot Later

Art & Design

It’s your last chance to catch the MCA Chicago’s broad show of conceptual photo after 1960.

Perhaps the baby medium of the art world, photography has enjoyed a relatively short life of dynamic change, and the Museum of Contemporary Art seeks to capture the last 40 years with the extensive collection, “Think First, Shoot Later,” now on show through November 10th.

As the name implies, 1960s ushered in a new, highly staged and deliberate conceptual phase in photography. Drawing from its own collection and loans from local collectors, the show features a diverse range of works from artists Cindy Sherman, Lorna Simpson, Jeff Wall, Rodney Graham, Thomas Ruff and many more. This is a solid stop to take in some art and contemporary culture, and no matter how varied your group, the exhibition’s topical themes will surely resonate with anyone navigating today’s world of mass media, new art forms, and the social implications of their own camera phone.

Think First, Shoot Later” runs through November 10th, 2013 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago.