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Thompson Hotels Influencer x LA: DJ Kim Anh

Out There

Between spinning up goodness at LA’s epic dance party Booby Trap every week and churning out genius tracks as a producer and composer, musical maven DJ Kim Anh knows what makes the city really sing. We caught up with her to get her top party (and recovery) spots around town, as well as the ultimate soundtrack to soaking up the spirit of the city of angels.

Ultimate weekend in the city:

Friday night dinner followed by dancing. Start from the hills and dance your way all the way downtown until the sun comes up. Saturday I’d spend in Malibu having lunch in the canyons and then watching sunset with dinner and drinks on the ocean. Sunday, start at the Palisades Farmer’s Market, followed by a BBQ with all your most fun and interesting friends.

Ultimate weekend out of the city:

Start the weekend off luxuriating in Palm Springs and then driving your way through Joshua Tree. Take your lover or take your friends.  The key is to sleep under the stars.

Best parties (day and night):

NIGHT: DJ Harvey’s Sarcastic Disco / Booby Trap! / A Club Called Rhonda / Teddy’s Fridays at The Roosevelt / Mustache Mondays / The Spotlight / The Embassy /

DAY: Disco Dive / Soho House Sunday Brunch With Chris Cruse / Bears In Space Lot Party / Hard French (Los Angeles)

Best place to cure a hangover:

With your toes in the swimming pool

Top 5 songs (of all time) to describe the city:

LCD Soundsystem – All My Friends / 2Pac – California Love (Feat Dr. Dre) / Roy Ayers – Everybody Loves The Sunshine / The Doors – L.A. Woman / Elliott Smith – Angeles / (Honorable Mention) Marilyn Manson – Dope Show

You know you’re in LA when….

…You start talking about your “amazing parking karma”, other people are talking about their screenplays and the time starts passing by much more slowly.