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Thompson Hotels New York Influencers x Fiona Thomas and Allison Sires


Influencers: Fiona Thomas and Allison Sires of Thomas Sires

When you hear the distinguished name, Thomas Sires, some sort of distinguished gentleman may come to mind, but think again—it’s an ultra-chic pair of ladies behind the womenswear label and NoLIta boutique of the same name. Fiona Thomas and Allison Sires—see what they did there?—not only turn out seasonal apparel collections inspired by French tendencies and, recently, island adventures, but they stock their store with an impeccable selection of homewares and novelties.

We caught up with Fiona and Allison to find out where they hang out in the city when they’re not running their own show on Elizabeth Street. Here, their picks from Madison Square Garden to Buvette.

Best place in the city to drink coffee and people watch:

Fiona: The Smile

Best place for a first date:

Fiona: Pulqueria

Coziest bar during the winter:

Fiona: It’s really more of a restaurant, but Buvette is great (and they’re open late). I also love the Ear Inn.

Allison: Downstairs at Peasant.

Top 3 meals in the city:

Fiona: Currently…

1. The Japanese pork cutlet at Curry-Ya.  The space also feels authentically Japanese.

2. A baguette, plus the cheese section at Eataly.

3. Again, Buvette. I like everything about it (please open on the east side!)

Most un-New York thing to do your city:

Allison: Root for the Chicago Bulls to beat the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.