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Holiday Confections at Soma Chocolate

Food & Drink

Located in the heart of downtown’s chic Distillery District, just a short shot east of the Thompson Toronto, Soma Chocolate has spun its annual mix of artisanal holiday confections using only organic, fair trade and flavor-grade chocolate straight from the cacao bean.

The annual special editions Soma adds to its repertoire of small batch treats go beyond just purity, of course—this year, the makers were inspired by the magical nighttime lore that surrounds the holidays. The Winter 2013 menu includes the reportedly addictive Gingerbread Toffee, which gets a dose of natural ginger spices infused into the shop’s famous English Toffee, and Gingerbread Forest Animal cookies made with fresh ginger and hand-dipped in dark Peruvian chocolate. As chocolate makers are inclined to do, Soma has also condensed the traditional Christmas cake—think cranberries, orange peel, hazelnut and “warm Xmas spices”—into a decadent chocolate bar. New to the assortment this year is Soma’s homemade Panettone, made-to-order (so call ahead) with rum-soaked cherries, orange peel, and raisins with a carmelized almond topping and, naturally, a dark chocolate twist.

The variety of delights to be had goes well beyond the Christmas menu, and there’s a big chance you’ll find yourself having a hard time choosing between seasonal treats, as well as the regular offerings of bars, truffles, nuts and seeds, hot chocolate “elixirs” and more.